Every year, believers are invited to acknowledge God’s covenant grace, and to express anew their commitment to covenant fellowship. Each year, we hold a day of services that celebrate God’s generous and costly love for us and calls us to generous and costly love for one another and God’s world.

The following is our church covenant, committed to by those who attended our covenant services in January 2018:

By God’s undeserved grace, this church is a group of Christians who worship God and…

… we long to share the love of Jesus in the ways we love and serve one another. We will try to demonstrate love by being forgiving, ready to listen to one another, rather than insisting on having our say, and more concerned to help one another before ourselves.

…through the power of the Holy Spirit, we will strive to live as disciples of Jesus Christ and will help and encourage others to know and follow him. We recognise that our purpose as ‘church’ is for the benefit of all those who are not currently part of the church. We want to show God’s love to the world in practical ways.

…we value and welcome people irrespective of age, life experience, belief and background. We seek to be an open and inclusive community.

All of this is summed up in our determination to:
Love God
Love one another
Love the world