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I can’t think of many things that are more scary than the prospect of hearing your wife scream from the bathroom that your baby is coming! I found it hard enough to control the adrenaline enough to drive to the hospital with a few hours notice, but when these things are about to happen there’s not much you can do to stop them.

I often have the great privilege of meeting new born babies and marvelling afresh with the parents just how perfectly formed and how beautifully created this new bundle of life is. It’s also a rich honour to pray over that new life and thank God for it.

Reading that news article, for me the most striking element was the closing sentence; Mr Courtney said of his daughter:

“She’s absolutely brilliant. She’s perfect. She’s a gift.”

That is utterly true, every new child is a gift, something to be treasured and cared for, someone who is unique and beautiful and who deserves the very best that those charged with the responsibility of looking after her, or him, can possibly offer.

Children are a gift from a loving God, for our benefit and for his joy, and part of the responsibility of caring for that gift is to help the young life grow up with an awareness of who God is and how much he loves each of us.
And a big factor in passing on this knowledge is appreciating for ourselves the gift that life is. Do we do that? Do we truly treat each day as a brand new gift of blessing from a God of love? Do we show others how delighted we are with life and with the opportunity to live that life as best we possibly can?

I hope church can help us all develop and express that attitude, but I hope even more that, wherever we find ourselves able to draw near to God, we do so and we thank him, in words, songs, emotional outpourings, and, most importantly, in the way we bless others, for his great gifts to us.

Let us all give thanks for the precious gift that Bo-Pierre is ask for God’s blessing to be with her and the family in all circumstances.

God bless you.