I know that I am not alone in noticing the human propensity to moan. We tend to have an in-built tendency to talk about what is getting us down or the details that have gone wrong, and that can affect the rest of our day. Even in the church we can be more ready to complain about the bits we don’t like, rather than praise the aspects that are enjoyable. I want to encourage us to be a people who get better at giving thanks.

Some among us will have had a great summer holiday, others have relished trips to catch up with family or an increased opportunity to relax, some have delighted in family weddings over the summer. Many of us are grateful for a successful Holiday Bible Club or a Christian camp or conference, some have felt buoyed by a recent service with a relevant message from God. Whatever it is, all of these are reasons to give thanks to a loving God, and there are so many other reasons too. I am well aware too that some of us are struggling, but even, or perhaps especially, then we still have reasons to be thankful.

Can I challenge us all this month to stop and give thanks for something each day. Could it be that we find one thing every day of the month and we get into the habit of expressing gratitude to our Father God, every day, even when there is a temptation to dwell on what is going wrong? Please will you try it and see what a difference that can make to your day.

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His love endures forever. Psalm 136:1.