Harvest Appeal 2020

Harvest Appeal 2020

Every year we give thanks for all that God has given us, not least in the gift of new life found in Jesus Christ. This year our Harvest Appeal donations will be split between ‘Your Farmer’ (an initiative working with our local Foodbank) and the ‘Tap Twinning’ appeal from Tearfund.

To donate to our Harvest Appeal you can click here to donate directly using a card. You can also donate by bank transfer (click here for info) or with cheque/cash via John. Please mark all donations ‘Harvest Appeal’.

To contact John, please write to: treasurer@warwickbaptists.org.uk or get in touch for his phone number.


Every time an organically produced frozen meal or frozen meat hamper is sold, Your Farmer donates a free meal to those in food crisis, helping to battle food poverty. This is not a gimmick but why the company was formed: to produce high quality farm finest produce and to help those in food poverty. Click here for more info.

This joint venture between New Life Church and Transforming Communities Together Warwick seems a fantastic local initiative to support at harvest time. To illustrate their impact, over a nine week period approximately 31,903 meals were delivered across the county through over 40 frontline partner organisations (e.g., churches, foodbank, schools, local council…) to people in food poverty. In partnership with Warwick District Foodbank, frozen meals are distributed via six of the seven local Foodbank centres. Our donations will support their ongoing ministry.

INTERNATIONAL: Tap Twinning (Tearfund)

As part of our Harvest Appeal we will be donating towards the Tap Twinning initiative being managed by Tearfund.

This is an extension to the Toilet Twinning initiative and is in response to the increased need for hygiene and handwashing during the current pandemic.

For every £60 raised a tap will be twinned – at CHBC we have previously twinned our toilets and with the recent renovation of our toilet areas this seemed an appropriate time to respond to this new appeal around taps.