Sunday morning worship

10.30 am in the church, including the crèche, children’s and young people’s groups.

All are very welcome, no matter what age or church background, if any. Children are especially welcome and parents need not worry about them making a bit of noise or wandering about during songs. There is a crèche room where parents can take under-twos and older children go to their groups after the first 15 minutes and return to the service for the final 10 minutes. All the children stay during all-age services, which take place on average once a term. Lots of activities suitable for all ages are included.

Everyone is welcome, including those who are weak, or doubting, or unsure. We read the Bible, listen to a sermon, share communion once a month, and sing God’s praise with a combination of lively songs and traditional hymns. After the service most people stay around to chat and have tea or coffee or spend some time praying for each other. Most will leave between 12.00 and 12.30.

Sunday evening worship

6.30 pm in the church

Each Sunday evening about a dozen people come to a service which includes prayer, Bible reading, a sermon, and singing. Communion takes place every month. Sometimes there is a café-style evening service or a prayer focus with an opportunity to learn about and pray for a specific mission. The focus may be on pastoral activities within the church or on another Christian organisation.