Baby Basics

Baby Basics

Baby Basics was founded in 2009 at the Kings Church in Sheffield. We launched this scheme in Warwick in March 2021 covering the Warwickshire area.

Our aim is to help vulnerable groups — such as teenage parents, asylum seekers, those fleeing domestic abuse, trafficking or those generally struggling — by providing them with the everyday essentials they need for their 0-5 year old.

Our Moses baskets provide a safe bed to sleep in (supplied with a NEW mattress) and are packed full of toiletries, nappies, wipes, maternity pads etc. as well as blankets, sheets, towels and baby clothes. For some, these are the only items they have for their child.

We believe that Baby Basics shows GOD’S LOVE IN ACTION

As a project, we realise much good work is already going on supporting new mums so we seek to work interdependently with professionals on the ground who are best placed to make referrals (Midwives, Health Visitors and other professional agencies/charities). We invite referrals from any professional in this field using our online referral form and we will respond within the week:

PLEASE NOTE – We DO NOT accept self referrals.

As a midwife it can be hard to see people who are struggling to provide for a new baby. It is so amazing to be able to say to someone in that position that there is an organisation that can help. Baby Basics is a lifeline to parents in need.

A Midwife after taking a Moses basket starter pack to her client (2021)


DONATE CLOTHES & EQUIPMENT We are so grateful for how generous people are in supporting Baby Basics. We always welcome donations but are a bit fussy as we want to make sure those receiving the packs know they are valued. A full list of items that we accept is pinned to the top of our Facebook page (Baby Basics Warwick) and on our website

DONATE YOUR TIME We’d love to hear from you if this project is of interest. We hold regular volunteer sessions on a Monday and Thursday morning at Castle Hill Baptist Church to sort, iron and pack the baskets and clothing packs. Alice Molloy leads Baby Basics Warwick (see below picture, in pink) and can be contacted by emailing or by giving her a call. Please note: this is not a full-time role. Replies are usually responded to within 3 days.

DONATE YOUR MONEY Financial donations help our service purchase new mattresses and other essential baby items. Click this link to find an online donation form which also outlines some other ways we could use your money to share God’s love with others.

PURCHASE NEW ITEMS We have an Amazon wishlist where you can buy new items that are shipped directly to us; we can then use these to support local families and their babies in need.

DEVELOP OUR NETWORK We’d love to hear from you if you have contacts where we can spread the word about this service. We’d also love to connect with more local churches across Warwickshire as we strive to reach out to the vulnerable families and their newborn babies.

JOIN OUR PRAYER TEAM If you’d specifically like to keep up to date with what is happening in this project, please get in touch and we can add you to our quarterly prayer letter. 

Previous events


Thank you for the AMAZING donations (financial and practical) made for our Wash Bag Appeal. Despite the chill-factor, lots of good conversations, much cake and coffee were enjoyed along the way (takeaway, of course!) The photo above show about 1/3 of all that was given 👏👏👏

Continued financial support is always welcome and can be given using the form below. More info about physical donations will be posted soon. Do check out our Facebook page to stay right up to date: Baby Basics Warwick