What Is Baptism?

What Is Baptism?

This page is currently being updated — KJ Jan 2023

Exploring baptism

What is it?

Why do we do it?

Is it for me?


I was baptised or christened as a baby. Does that count?
We understand the Bible to teach that baptism is a personal choice. Whilst your christening or infant baptism was almost certainly done with the best of intentions, we understand Jesus to ask you to make this public commitment for yourself.

We, of course, want to celebrate the gift of new life; we do this through a service of dedication. But believer’s baptism is kept until someone is of an age to make their own decision to be baptised. 

I’ve been Confirmed. Does that count?
We recognise that, for some, their Confirmation was a deeply personal and significant moment of ‘going public’ with their faith in Christ. Great! However, others may have just been ‘going through the motions’ and now want to show they take it seriously; others may still want to experience the joy and blessing of being baptised in water as a follower of Christ in addition to confirmation out of obedience. Get in touch and let’s talk.

Is there an age limit?
No. It’s believers baptism so it’s open to all who have personally chosen to follow Christ. If you’ve been following Christ for years and perhaps are in your older years but you’ve just not made this step, let’s do it! If you’re under 18 but you’re convicted this is the right step then chat with your family first as we’ll want their permission/support to go ahead.

If I want to go ahead, what’s next?
Get in touch with us and we’ll arrange to meet with you to chat about your journey so far and this next exciting step.

Do I have to be be baptised to become a Church Member?
No, we have open membership, but some form of public profession of faith is expected.

Do I have to wear any special clothes?
Nope—whilst baptism is a celebration it’s not a formal ceremony (like a wedding). Just wear what’s comfortable (and not too ‘see through’ when wet!)

Can I invite guests to my baptism?
Absolutely, it’s a great moment to invite family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to hear your testimony about Jesus, and to see, meet and experience your church.

I couldn’t get in the pool because of physical or medical reasons. Can I still get baptised?
Baptism is about a heart change and is a public statement. We don’t want anything to stop you taking part so if you can’t come to water, we can bring the water to you — at another time, in another place — if you want to do it, we will work with you to make it happen. Don’t think you’re troubling us — we would be delighted to baptise you!

To explore further what baptism means, watch the three short videos below produced by Church From Scratch.

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