church gatherings

church gatherings

Welcome to friends old and new. As we move through the various stages of easing Covid regulations, this page is being updated to keep you informed of how we will be gathering over the coming weeks. Scroll down to find the dates you are interested in.

Whether you’re a regular or first time attendee, we’d love to hear from you by either commenting below or completing our connect form.

We know that being part of a community is really important to the majority of those who belong to CHBC; it’s why we often talk about ourselves as family. We also know that we’re all at different stages in our desire to return to in-person gatherings. So we’ve currently running a hybrid form of gathering.

All services will either be held ‘live’ in-person and on Zoom, or be prerecorded but played in the church building for those who wish to attend. The shape of these services is currently being determined by those able to serve on various dates. Our ultimate aim is to return to in-person gatherings that are also recorded and available for those unable to attend, however, it will take some months before we’re there!

To find recordings of previous Gatherings, visit our YouTube channel or archive. We also have a selection of previous sermons on mp3.

SUNDAY 20th june — Communion

On 20th June we welcome a congregation in-person and on Zoom. Priority in person will be given to those unable to join us online and those providing their transport. Others are very welcome to register and will be offered a seat on a first-come basis. If we have more people than seats, those who missed-out this time will be contacted and offered first-refusal for our next service.

To attend in person please complete this form (communion will be provided):

To attend on zoom please complete this form:
(all members and people already registered will be sent an email with the Zoom code)

Other gatherings

Introducing church online


  1. Sarah Smith

    In case anyone’s unsure, there is now a comments list under today’s service on the Sunday Gatherings link.

  2. Karen Busby

    The Myton house group had a very successful catch up / prayer time on Zoom last night set up for us by Martin. Recommended!

  3. Julie TILLING

    Thank you Kevin, Joy, Molly, William and everyone who contributed to making the videos. I watched the service, Sunday evening and again just now. Thanks Joy, for being real. Lots of us will have had those moments, I know I have. Thankful for Gods word, Psalm 136. God bless each one of you.

  4. Anna, Dean and children

    Enjoyed watching the service. We haven’t managed to attend for a while so was really nice to be able to watch.

    • Kevin Johnson

      So lovely to hear from you all. Glad you were able to join us and enjoyed it. Do keep in touch and shout if you need support. Kevin

      • Anna

        Thanks, we will do. Dean will be working from home from next week. We are pretty sorted for the children. We are making the most of the nice weather and are starting doing up the garden.

  5. Dave n Di

    You guys did a grand job , never been able to fast forward through your sermon before , can we leave that feature in .. A big thumbs up from the Alderminster jury . Our love to you all.
    Our God is a great big God and he holds us in his hands
    Dave n Di

  6. Vicki Riordan

    Just watched the service and will be going to bed on a high note. Thank you so much Kevin and to everyone else involved. John’s hymn was beautiful. Loved The huggy heart Molly I will make one for my sister.

  7. Kath Burke

    Has been wonderful to watch this in snippets during the afternoon. A great sense of God working within our family as Martyn sat down and watched with me. Really sensed a feeling of fellowship, knowing that so many of our church family were doing the same. Kevin, you were brilliant and thank you to all the tech support that overcame the initial problems. Lara and Edward loved Molly’s demo – a real hit! My parents, who live in a tiny village in Dorset and are self-isolating, tuned in and thought it was wonderful and really lifted them. Kevin – my Mum wanted you to know that she thinks you are “amazing”. Looking forward to next Sunday.

  8. Tuse.woodheaf

    This is so lovely, it’s hold all congregation together.
    May God bless you pastor and your family. Looking forward for next week.. Stay safe all

  9. Nick & Helen

    Watched the service after the national call to prayer (the candles were a bit scary!), we both found it really encouraging, uplifting and positive. Really well done all.

    Molly you are a natural and loved the idea .

    Everyone look after yourselves this week, stay healthy and faithful to God,

    Nick and Helen x.

  10. Margo and Alan

    thank you for a fantastic production well done to everyone involved. using the garden was a great idea and we loved John’s song
    Is Molly open tobookings from Blue Peter?

  11. Sarah Smith

    Yes. Thank you so much all of you for making this video. It really is a boost. Molly, you explained that so well!

  12. Roisin from Noah's ark

    Thank you Kevin and all the contributors. I really enjoyed the service today. Thank you also for remembering preschool in your prayers.

  13. Maureen and Arthur

    Thank you to all involved in the service today. We were with you all the way.
    Well done Molly. Maureen is going to make two huggy hearts to give to our neighbours.

  14. The Howden crew

    The Howdens were watching. We loved it, the girls made the hearts. Molly you were amazing.

    Love to all
    Clare, Mat, Keira and Laila xx

  15. Joyce Matthews

    Thank you to everyone who worked on this service to make it possible for us to worship together in our own homes. An incredible achievement! It was wonderful to be able to be together online. Love from Joyce xXx

  16. David, Rachel and Barnaby

    This on-line service has been a real blessing. We have been encouraged by it and through having fellowship with you all as we worship our Saviour. Barnaby says ‘Good work, Molly!’ As do we.

  17. John

    Thank you putting together a service which was reflective, informative, inspiring and addressed the situation we find ourselves in but all in the knowledge that we are in Christ’ saving arms

  18. Don

    Thank you my friend, a great start. Inspiring message
    I’m sure Chris, Jon and Iain would appreciate the low-down on the techy stuff that worked and what didn’t!
    God bless you and your flock.

  19. John

    Sorry about the problems with the uploading. Must be stressful as you wait. Just wondering what I should be doing as Duty Deacon – have you got some water!

  20. Maureen and Arthur

    So encouraging! Lovely to know you’re all there. Bless you, Kevin and your team.
    Looking forward to the 4pm try. Bless you.
    Maureen and Arthur.xx

  21. Dave n Di

    Cracking job Joy, Kevin, Molly and William . For all our CHBC tech experts , a big thanks you from someone who’s only just mastered the tumble dryer , how long should I leave the curry in there to defrost ?
    Love from all in Alderminster.

    • Trevor Langley

      So that’s where I have been going wrong all this time. Lindsey told me it was for wet washing!?i knew she was hiding one thing from me.

    • Sarah Smith

      You’re way ahead of me Dave. The nearest I’ll get to a tumble dryer is tripping over the basket when hanging the washing out.

  22. John Garrett

    ‘Thank you Lord for such a creative and visionary pastor in Kevin, who brings with him a lovely family! Thank you also for such a capable, caring and inspiring deaconate to svpport Kevin.

    Holy Spirit, we may not be together in person as usual, but we are through your ever-present love, council and comfort, with which we reach out to one another over The Internet.

    heavenly Father, we thank you for keeping us all safe and pray that our most vulnerable members will see their very real fears through your even more real grace, In Jesus saving and merciful name, Amen!

  23. Sarah Smith

    It’s lovely to see you all. Keep going. This is great and gives a lot of hope. It’s good to have a set time. Looking forward to the 12 o’clock attempt.

  24. Karen Busby

    I could have gone for my run via Sainsbury’s a bit later! But then I wouldn’t have had a cheerful ‘hello’ from Tom P who was also running round the racecourse!
    See you later

  25. Lindsey Langley

    Great to see you all, looking forward to today’s message. Keep up the good work Molly, I love the hugging heart. I will be making one later, keep up the creative ideas. A definite Beaver badge for you.

  26. Margaret

    Hello to the Johnson Family and all our Friends,
    We are often together on a Sunday morning but, with the help of modern technology we shall still feel “connected” and worship together. Thankyou to all who have set this up for us, especially we “oldies”?

  27. The Carrs

    Well done guys – very encouraging and uplifting! Thanks for putting this together. Looking forward to more tomorrow.

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