Christianity Explored

Christianity Explored

Many people are currently asking the big questions.
At Castle Hill we want to give people an opportunity to hear the message of Jesus Christ explained, to ask your questions and to think through the big issues of life.

Christianity Explored is a seven week course that aims to achieve all of these things in a safe, relaxed setting where you’ll not be asked to pay, pray, sing or read. The course is open to all — whether you’d call yourself a ‘beginner’ with very little/no knowledge of Christianity or you have another faith background or you’re a believer who’d like to brush up on the basics — all are welcome. No previous knowledge of the Bible or Christianity is assumed.

At each session we will watch a short video before following a simple booklet (which we’ll send you) to help us reflect together as a group on what we’ve heard. We’ll even provide you with a Bible, if you’d like one.

The course covers questions, such as: What do Christians believe? Who is Jesus Christ? Did he really exist? Is he really God? If he did exist and he is God, what did he say while he was here on earth? Does he really tell us what the point of life is?

At the moment, Christianity Explored is currently offering a free e-book called: If you could ask God one question (Paul Williams / Barry Cooper). This book wrestles with the 12 most frequently-asked questions about God and you may therefore find this helpful to your exploration of the Christian faith.

About Our Course

Our Christianity Explored course will be run over Zoom, so whether you live in Warwick or not, you’re more than welcome to sign up. There will be seven weekly sessions each lasting about one and a half hours. They will involve watching a video, looking at the Bible and sharing in group discussion. To get the most out of this course there will also be some ‘homework’ between sessions.

Our hosts—Andrew and Liz Short—look forward to welcoming you, and will work hard to create an open space for everyone to explore both the questions they come with and those that arise. Do register your interest below.

Meet Our hosts

Andrew had a Christian mother but became a Christian at University after meeting other Christians and exploring the faith. He is married to Liz and they have two grown up children. He works as a doctor and enjoys history, wine and food.

Liz comes from a non-Christian family but went to church at University where she became a Christian. She met Andrew whilst working as a midwife, and is currently a church deacon. She enjoys cooking, likes to read and spend time in the garden.   

Register your Interest

We do hope you are interested in getting involved. If so, please complete the form below to help us find the best day and time for all those interested. We will then be in touch to confirm details. Our next course is coming up in June/July 2020.

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