John 18-21

John 18-21

Week 4: John 18-21

Well done if you’re still going. We’re in the final week. Do keep your comments coming. Do click REPLY next to other comments to further their thoughts with your own.

What has God being saying to you today? What jumped out at you?

Scroll to the bottom of this page to post a reflection, to see what others are saying and to reply to other posts. Do include the chapter and verse(s) you’re referring to when commenting. If you get behind, please still contribute – it’s about committing to read God’s word rather than feeling under the cosh to ‘get it done’. Most importantly, please be encouraging and respectful in all you write (Rom 15; 1 Thess 5:11).

Below is an online copy of John’s gospel for your quick reference or if you haven’t got access to a Bible. You can change which version of the Bible is displayed by clicking on the words ‘The New International Version’. You can increase the size of text by clicking on the blue book and moving the slider.

There is also an audio version of the New Living Translation available. This link takes you straight to John’s gospel:

John 12-17


  1. Kevin Johnson

    Thank you friends for journeying with me through John’s gospel. For me the last verse (25) always jumps out. Whether hyperbole or John’s experience of all he was told – the truth behind it is the amazing fact that all we need to know to help us come to faith is contained in this letter, not even in the whole Bible! Praise God for his gift of the Holy Spirit inspiring such amazing truth to last the ages.

  2. John Garrett

    On rereading John 21:15-17, it occurs to me that this is the third time Jesus has appeared to His disciples in His resurrected form and He asks Peter three times, “Do you love me?”

    Jesus goal in saving us, is surely that we might all feed His sheep with Him, The Bread of Life and yet, how many times do we have a supernatural experience of Him, through his Holy Spirit and go straight back home to our old lives?

    Lord Jesus, this Christmas Eve, may we all love others with the love with which You first loved us, that we might also feed Your sheep. Holy Spirit, thank You for the power to leave the homes of our old lives and live out The Father’s will as citizens of Heaven on Earth. Heavenly Father, thank You for truly knowing and changing us, from before we were even a twinkle in Your eye, to the momment we will be truly with You in eternity, In Jesus Name and to Your eternal praise and glory, Amen!

    • Kevin Johnson

      Amen. Thanks for all your reflections John – very interesting to hear the things that strike other people.

  3. John Garrett

    As one who is fortunate enough to have visited both sites that contend for the location of the most amazing event on Earth, I am struck again by the contrast between John and Peter’s reactions on reaching the tomb., in John 20:5-9.
    I absolutely believe The Garden Tomb site, near The Damascus Gate, to be the actual tomb and had a strange compultion to want to lie down in the place where Jesus body lay. I did not physically do so, but I daily live with the challenge, as we all do, of trying to lay down my life for Jesus.

    Lord Jesus, thank You for the faith to believe that You rose from the dead and are alive and seated at the right hand of God The Father in Heaven. Holy Spirit, thank You for revealing this greatest of truths to us, without which we would have no living relationship and personal faith to celebrate. Heavenly Father, thank You that Your plan ultimately involves The Son being glorified with the glory that He had with You before the foundation ofThe World. Thank You that The Resurrection of Jesus means all that Paul wrote in Romans 8:38-9 is true In Jesus Name, Amen!

  4. John Garrett

    Versus 26 and 27 of John 19 are of life changing significance for me, as I could’ve been standing at the cross instead of my namesake. There is no doubt that Jesus loves me, but do I really know it?

    26 When Jesus saw his mother standing there beside the disciple he loved, he said to her, “Dear woman, here is your son.” 27 And he said to this disciple, “Here is your mother.” And from then on this disciple took her into his home.

    My adopted mother’s name was not Mary, but Wendy Garrett, who worked for the Royal National Institute for the Blind sunshine home for blind and handicapped children. Mum and dad fostered me in 1973 and adopted me at Easter the following year. Therefore, I can’t think of any other way my heavenly father could have proved his love to me more powerfully.

    Lord Jesus, even as you were dying, thank you for thinking of your mother and the disciple whom You loved. Holy spirit, thank you for living in each one of us, that we might not be orphans, but constantly upheld by your comforting presence. Heavenly Father, thank you that, in you, and living God, is the origin of perfect parenthood; mother and father together, most fully expressed in Jesus Christ, your one and only son and the radiance of your glory, are man!

  5. John Garrett

    I am always astonished by the effect of Jesus confirming his identity only six faces into this tumultuous 18th chapter of Johns Gospel.

    6 As Jesus said “ he,” they all drew back and fell to the ground!
    As we so often saying, “there is power in the name of Jesus!” And didn’t those gathered around Judas discover that to be true?

    Oh, how we need to feel the power of Jesus name in these dark and confusing days, or is it that we do, but not recognise it?

    Lord Jesus, thank you for using this chapter to remind us that you stamped yourself in control on the events of your passion as they unfold it, demonstrating that you had the authority to let your life down and take it up again. Holy spirit, thank you for helping us see clearly why only Jesus could be described as the God man. Emily father, thank you for showing us how Jesus only did what he saw you doing and therefore, we must do the same, in Jesus name, amen!

  6. Thomas Prendergast

    John Chapter 20 verses 24 to 29.

    These are the verses that are very very close to me.

    During my Baptism speech I explained what happened to me during my childhood, up to I was 21, and how I felt my God had abandoned me/let me down. Some of the most loneliest times of my life.

    For many years, battling with my feelings over whether I believed in God I waited for some kind of irrefutable revelation that there was a God.
    Very much like my name sake Thomas – “Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into his side, I will not believe it”.
    Then verse 27, what Thomas said and then Jesus’s reply to him, verse 28.

    Over 30 years later, for me no “Big Bang Event” just a set of random circumstances that triggered the following – a little flame of faith started to flicker inside me, at a time when I was absolutely determined not to start believing because I was scared; in a Hospice of all places. Here I met some amazing people and one in particular, a retired priest who himself wouldn’t normally be there. A place I also was not supposed to be ( I should have been sent to another hospice closer to home). God’s hand in all of this. Again I explained this in my Baptism speech.

    The years I wasted being a doubting Thomas.

    In the years that followed I began to reallise that my heavenly father had never abandoned me, both through out my childhood/subsequent years; he had in fact been with me every step of the way, guiding me and giving me helping hands throughout.

    Thanks Be to God. Amen

    As for the rest of the story Kevin, perhaps another time.

    Thomas (hence Tom for short)

  7. Kevin Johnson

    19:25-27 This always gets me – in the throes of death, Jesus’ concern is still for those he loves. Such love; words cannot express.

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