Refurb 2020

Refurb 2020

Update (22 March 2020): Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we are suspending our gift day until we are able to physically gather together again, and any non-essential work on the Castle Hill building until 2021.

RefuRb of Gerrard Street

The refurbishment of Gerrard Street has continued and the gallery below shows images taken after the painting was completed.

Refurb 2020

As you may be aware, the fellowship has been saving over the last few years to fund a significant refurbishment of our two main buildings on Castle Hill (not Gateway) and Gerrard Street. Dave Pearce and the Property Team will be bringing their proposals of work to the January Church Meeting. Following this, we are keen that everyone is aware of the proposed plans, so these documents will be generally available for all to view in church from Sunday 26th January and via the church website.

Why are we doing this? The buildings have been a great blessing over many years but are now in need of some refurbishment to keep them in good condition, resolve some hidden problems (preventing future escalating costs) and enabling us to continue to present welcoming spaces for our worship, work and witness.

As a way of giving thanks for the blessing these buildings have been over the last 20+ years and to invest in them for the next 20, we will be holding a Gift Day. Details of this financial offering will be advertised nearer the time.

Further Details

At the end of 2019 the Church decided that 2020 would be the year to embark on a Refurbishment of both Gerrard St Hall , and the Church building.The work will include maintenance and repairs, decoration ,staging and new flooring, with a budget estimate of £86,000. On the basis of costings  and estimates to date , it is unlikely that any replacement of chairs will be possible as part of this phase of work , however , this could be considered as a stand alone project in the future.

Scope for main church building: Click Here

Scope for Gerrard Street: Click Here