Lent 2024 – Resources

Lent 2024 – Resources

Find below some resources to help you make the best use of Lent. Use these links to find what you’re looking for. We hope something is helpful.

What is lent?

Here is a 1 minute video from the Church of England explaining about Lent.



During Lent you’re invited to join others at CHBC by committing to intentionally pause and pray each Tuesday. For those already following a Lent pattern, this could just fold into your plan; for others who are unsure, why not give this a go this year?

Now we know this will not be easy or convenient for some, but Lent invites us to imitate Jesus more closely, by carving out time — swapping out one thing to make room for another — to find ways to prioritise our UP life with Father God. Here’s some ideas to help you:

When could I fit in prayer?

  • Wake up ten minutes early.
  • As you travel to and from school, work, a shopping trip. 
  • Pause for five minutes before you get out the car / after leaving the bus.
  • While the kettle is boiling for a hot drink, and as you drink it.
  • Intentionally go for a walk or find a quiet place to sit.
  • Pause before going to sleep.

Here are some suggestions, for those who find it hard:

  • To know how to pray: use our weekly prayer (coming via email)
  • Under time pressure: say the Lord’s Prayer whilst washing your hands
  • With family: involve them using dice prayers / prayer dippers (see below) / play an all-age worship song via Youtube

…for those who are creative

  • If you enjoy singing: let a song and it’s words lead you into prayer.
  • If you you like writing: journal a prayer / create a psalm of praise
  • If you’re arty: pray as you create something based on a Bible verse (over time)
  • If you want to dig deeper: join our book club (see below)

As a church it’s good to do things together, so we’d encourage you to join in, making time to pause and pray, as you’re able, every Tuesday. For those who are free, we will also gather at 6.30pm for a short time of prayer on Zoom. Again, we realise not everyone will be able to make this, but if you can it would be great to see you.

Book Club

Reading together — The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry (John Mark Comer)

We live in a busy world but Lent offers a resistance to this — it invites us into a counter-cultural act for Christ. This reflective book, The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer, invites you to consider some of these challenges and how to live more like Jesus today. And in doing so, it naturally addresses our emotional and spiritual wellbeing from a Jesus point of view too. NB This is not a book jam-packed full of bible references and exposition but is one built on ways of living found in Scripture. We realise it won’t be of interest to everyone.

What do I need to do?

Get a copy of the book (available in all formats, second hand too—some starter links below). Follow the reading plan below and join us each Tuesday (if you’re able) to discuss after prayers in small groups (7-7.30pm). Offer thoughts using our online reflective space: https://warwickbaptists.org.uk/holy-week-resources/

If you’d like to join in and this is too expensive, or need help ordering, please get in touch with Kevin or one of the prayer team.


Week 1 (14-20): ‘The problem’ — Prologue & Part 1: chapters 1, 2, 3; Prayers: Tue 20/02

Week 2 (21-27): ‘The solution’ — Part 2: chapters 4, 5, 6; Prayers: Tue 27/02

Week 3 (28-5): Intermission & ‘Four practices for unhurrying your life’: 1. Silence and Solitude (chapter 7); Prayers: Tue 05/03

Week 4 (6-12): ‘Four practices…: No. 2 — Sabbath (chapter 8); Prayers: Tue 12/03

Week 5 (13-19): ‘Four practices…: No. 3 — Simplicity (chapter 9); Prayers: Tue 19/03

Week 6 (20-26): ‘Four practices…: No. 4 — Slowing (chapter 10) & Epilogue; Prayers: Tue 26/03

“These four practices—silence and solitude, Sabbath, simplicity, and slowing—have helped me tremendously to move toward abiding as my baseline. But to say it yet again, all four of them are a means to an end. The end isn’t silence and solitude; it’s to come back to God and our true selves” (p247).

Holy Week

Thu 28th, 7.00pm, Agape Meal with reflective service & communion (sign up needed)

Fri 29th, 10.30am, Reflective worship, CHBC

Fri 29th, 11.45am, CTW Walk of witness (from CHBC)

Fri 29th, 12.15pm, Churches Together Service, Market Place, Warwick

Sun 31st, 10.30am, Easter Sunday Celebration, CHBC

Creative Worship For All

Whilst the bottom two are designed for each day in Holy Week, you could always take Monday and use it during Week 1 instead and spread them out.

Dice prayers involve:
a) create a list together of six areas for prayer (like rainbow prayers below)
b) someone roll the dice
c) chat about some ideas
d) someone offer a simple prayer
e) repeat as many times as you have time / engagement

ALL AGE Worship SongS – To get you started…

Every Move I Make: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPvnZILn6EY

Good News: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJVvUTXs-0Q