Each of us is uniquely and wonderfully made by God with common, as well as specialist, gifts and skills. Each of us is called by God to use our talents, time and treasurers for his glory—both in and out of the church building. Nothing happens in our church life without people like you offering to serve Jesus and his Church, and we believe God has called you to Castle Hill for a reason.

Below is a list of areas we’d welcome you to pray through, asking in this season of life: is there a team you could offer to serve on, or even an activity you might be able to help lead? Consider—what do you enjoy doing? What skills do you have that can be transferred into other areas? Are there simple areas of service you can offer to be part of once a term/month to share the load?

For any offers of help, we will have a conversation with you to match up our current needs with your skills and Christian maturity, as well as ensuring you know what’s expected. If we’re both happy, we’ll walk you through ‘how we do it’ so you can learn our systems (to start with). We will also make sure you have someone to speak to should you need extra support/training. We are, of course, open to new suggestions about things—that’s the benefit of fresh eyes!

Depending on the role, you may be asked to sign a volunteer’s agreement, complete an application form with referees, even undergo a DBS check and safeguarding training. We are also gradually creating role descriptions to be clear about expectations.

Having spent time discerning, if there is another area of service you would like to discuss not listed below, please also get in touch. God may be calling you and us on a new journey.

Thank you for taking the time to think how you can grow in your likeness of the Servant King.

General volunteering

Sunday Worship

  • Welcoming on the door
  • Leading intercessions
  • Reading the Bible
  • Leading an all age slot (5 mins)
  • Serving communion
  • Preparing and serving refreshments (after the gathering)
  • Setting out and packing down the creché (not manning it)
  • Singing or playing in the worship band
  • Leading worship — all age and/or regular gatherings
  • Preaching
  • Helping with vision (i.e., projection)
  • Helping on sound
  • Prayer ministry
  • Children’s work (ages 2.5-Y1, Y2-Y6): helpers & leaders — inc. DBS check and safeguarding training
  • Youth work (Y7-11): helpers & leaders — inc. DBS check and safeguarding training
  • *Children and Young People’s Work Coordinator

    * Open to Members only

Other Times

  • Mon/Thu: Baby Basics (daytime) — e.g., help organising items ready for collection
  • Mondays: Home From Home (daytime) — set up, oversight, serving, pack down
  • Fridays: Meet ‘n’ Eat (daytime) — serving & washing up; cooking
  • Saturdays: Gateway cafe (daytime) — serving & befriending customers; cooking
  • Saturdays: Gateway to Gaming (evening) — set up, playing games, chatting with young people, pack down — inc. DBS check and safeguarding training

Behind the scenes

  • Gardening
  • Administrative support
  • Poster and leaflet design
  • Website design and maintenance
  • Library
  • “Deeper” conference team
  • Catering team
  • *Churches Together in Warwick representatives
  • Finance team
  • Green and Fair Group
  • Property team
  • Policies team
  • Health and safety team
  • *Pastoral visiting — taking communion / general visiting inc. DBS check and safeguarding training
  • *Leadership team — deacons, church treasurer and church secretary

    * Open to Members only

Other Events

  • Light Party (Oct)
  • Stir-up Sunday (Nov)
  • Christmas Experience w/Crossteach (Nov/Dec) — inc. DBS check and safeguarding training
  • Songs and Carols for Christmas (Dec)
  • Taste the Nations Food Festival (Feb)
  • Easter Experience w/Crossteach (Mar/Apr) — inc. DBS check and safeguarding training
  • Easter Eggstravaganza (Mar/Apr)

The Role Of Deacon

As Baptists, a group of our Members, male and female, are elected to be Deacons. The idea is Members recognise in others a maturity in Christian character (1 Timothy 3:8–13) and a gifting towards leadership (Acts 6:1-7), so invite them to prayerfully explore being nominated for this post. This is not about being perfect (none of us are!) but intentionally living for Christ and a willingness to serve Christ’s church. Every deacon brings something unique to the group and with each incarnation we seek to draw out those gifts; however, all act in the role as ‘generalists’ too – discerning together.

Deacons shall, with the Pastor, be responsible for the leadership of the church, the fulfilment of its purpose, the pastoral care of its members and its day-to-day management and administration.

For further details as to the role of a deacon, please feel free to:

N.B., Elections are held every November. Nominations usually need to be in by early October.