‘Cheer up, they can’t take away spring!’

‘Be still, and know that I am God; 
I will be exalted among the nations, 
I will be exalted in the earth’

Psalm 46:10

In my feed this morning, I saw a comment by one person saying, ‘cheer up, they can’t take away spring!’ It’s true, I thought. We can be uncertain with the daily changing guidance (which I’m hoping will mean I get an honorary MSc – Master of Science in Coronavirus interpretation!), and not knowing how this will impact on tomorrow BUT there are some things that always remain:

We can be certain that God is God. We can be certain that he doesn’t change day to day. We can be certain that he will use this for his glory. We can be certain of his love for us. We can be certain of his presence with us. We can be certain he is in control.

BUT that certainty can fade when we busy ourselves too much. When we don’t make time to ‘be still’ and hand over daily our current and future worries and challenges, whatever they are, to our loving Lord Jesus. When we don’t make time to ‘be still’ and ensure our roots are drinking from the stream of living water, that is, allowing his Spirit to refill us. 

Friends, the times are uncertain but our God is not. He wants us to come before him in all things – to find peace in being still in his presence and allow him to embrace us. 

Whilst meditating on this verse (with a cup of tea!), Jesus stilled me by the beauty of creation (all credit to Sue Burns for the lovely planted flowers!) 

I wonder how Jesus stills you this week? Why not comment below to inspire others…


    Sarah Smith

    Reading The Northumbria Community’s Morning Prayer from their website calms me. We were introduced to it on a Church Day away some years ago when we hired a room at Queens Road Baptist Church.


    We are watching the birds (wren, robin, blackbird and dunnock) collecting materials for their nests in our hedges around the garden at home, in lovely sunshine too!
    Also we can watch the peregrine falcons who have laid eggs in their nest on the Town Hall tower, by web cam. Spring certainly is springing!

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