BMS Action team

BMS Action team

Each year we host and train a team of gap-year students, in partnership with BMS World Mission, who feel called by God to step well out of their comfort zones and serve him on the mission field.

This year, our Action Team are Miriam, Megan and Naomi. They are very excited about going to live and serve in Delhi, India from October 2019 to Mar 2020.

Keep in Touch

To keep in touch with what the ‘gals’ are getting up to either:

  • Follow their official blog:
  • Follow their Instagram: @delhi_gals 
  • Speak with Liz or Andrew to get personal contact details to send mail


IF YOU DON’T HEAR SOUND: After clicking play (possibly twice!), keep your mouse cursor on the video screen and in the bottom right-hand corner there is a sound switch (little speaker icon) that you need to click to turn the sound on. You can then rewind the video to start again.

Want to know more?

Liz and Andrew Short oversee this area of church life. Catch them in church or send a message via the Office (admin@) to learn more.