Sunday Gathering

Sunday Gathering

Welcome to our online service – we’re delighted to have you join us. Our services are first broadcast online each Sunday at 10.30am, though can be watched at any time after that.

All are welcome to leave comments below. Particularly if you’re not a regular at our church, we’d love to hear from you by either commenting below or completing our connect form.


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In the week ahead, why not invite the Spirit to help you consider:

  • Do you believe this message of certain hope found in Christ alone? If so, how would you communicate this good news to others? If not, what is it that seems unbelievable? Perhaps you could discuss this with a trusted Christian friend.
  • Our opening carol reminded us of some of the names in the Old Testament we have come to see belong to Jesus. Take time to reflect on some of this small selection of verses and marvel at the awesome eternal plan God had AND HAS for his creation. Genesis 15:1-6; Deuteronomy 18:15-19; Psalm 89:1-4; Isaiah 7:14; Isaiah 9:2-7; Isaiah 11:1-10; Isaiah 40:9-11; Micah 5:2; Zechariah 6:12-13; Malachi 3:1-6; Matthew 1:18-25; John 1:1-18; John 3:16-17; John 14:1-4, 28; 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17; Hebrews 9:28; Revelation 1:7.
  • We know that prayer is a powerful weapon (James 5:16-18) but often this falls down our list of priorities each day. This advent season, why not recommit to praying regularly for five people to move closer to knowing the certain hope of Jesus in their lives?
  • Practically, who is God prompting you to keep an eye on — particularly over the next few months during the winter and New Year blues? Perhaps there are people you know who are particularly low at the moment. Write down their names, pray for them and be proactive in how you gently keep in touch.

Deeper Study Notes (Notes from previous weeks can be found here)

There will be no new notes until the New Year. Instead, you’re invited to take time to read through John’s gospel and reflect on what God may be saying to you each day. For more on this, visit here.

Extra worship songs to supplement today’s service. Also on our YouTube Channel playlist (NB we cannot control the content that appears on any menus or adverts):

Family Worship

If you’re interested in specific family worship, can we commend the Drake Family online (we sing some of their songs).

previous services

To find these, visit our YouTube channel or service archive. We also have an selection of previous sermons available.


  1. Margo

    Thank you Kevin and to you all who took part in this mornings service, very helpful prayers Maureen. It’s good and so encouraging to see that the Castle Hill family is still very active and lovely to see and hear about the new friends joining us online. God bless.
    Margo and Alan

  2. Sarah Smith

    Thank you for our service this morning. It was good to hear from our friends near and far. And the music sounded lovely.

  3. Margaret Parkins

    It has been wonderful to meet the younger members of our church this morning. Some of you have grown but I still know you all. God bless each one of you as you restart your group with your leaders

  4. Joyce Matthews

    Thank you to everyone who contributed to last Sunday’s service, lovely to see how William has grown since we last saw him and Molly and Joyce, your singing and actions really raised my spirits. Special thanks to Kevin for the message. I am realising more and more how it has really helped me quite amazingly several times – and it’s only Wednesday. Amazing to see so many faces again at the church meeting too. Praise God.

  5. Carolyn Thomas

    Thanks Kevin for a really inspiring beginning to the series on John’s Gospel. Looking forward to the following weeks. Thank you for your meaningful prayers touching areas of great concern close to our family and friends. Loved the memory verse tower Kathy! And as always, great job musicians and techie staff. God bless you all Carolyn and Philip x

  6. Margaret

    Thankyou all once more for a great service. A real family affair.
    I also enjoyed the 2 ways of learning a Bible verse.

  7. Carolyn Thomas

    Great service , thanks Martin. . And as always the brilliant musicians for all your dedicated work behind the scenes. Neil’s talk was inspirational with much food for thought. So enjoyed hearing about Margo and Alan’s activities and thanks Ben for your faithfulness with the interviews each week. Thanks to all the rest of the team!

  8. Carolyn Thomas

    Thanks Martin for all your hard work putting the service together. And as always the brilliant musicians for all your dedicated work behind the scenes. Neil’s talk was inspirational with much food for thought. So enjoyed hearing about Margo and Alan’s activities and thanks Ben for your faithfulness with the interviews each week. Thanks to all the rest of the team!

  9. Keeva Austin

    All that Maureen and Arthur have said and commented on diverge service on 09/08 I say Amen to!
    I’ve really enjoyed this short series – powerful yet challenging.
    Thank you to everyone

  10. Arthur and Maureen

    Thank you for that encouraging service. Molly’s lovely tree reminding us again that we are God’s children; the very thoughtful prayers, Matt and Claire; Nick and Helen sharing your frontlines; Kevin, your encouraging and challenging message and ,of course , our musicians, bringing sung worship again that we miss so much. Let’s not forget the background work. Thank you to all who made it happen. Bless you.

  11. Sarah Smith

    Spot on! spot on – the bible verse! So glad we’re going to continue that. Loved your video Martin and Kathy. Whoever did the guitar on Praise is rising – great job. Thank you everyone in this service, it was inspiring.

  12. ALAN

    four of us worshipping together today for the service, thank everyone for a very thought provoking time. a practical message and advice. Great to have that message from the seaside. Margo, Billie, Elaine and Alan.

  13. Arthur and Maureen

    Thank you to all involved in this morning’s service. Really engaging, moving service, we found.
    Thank you for the very encouraging personal message Kevin.
    It’s so good to be reminded that we are children of God and , as such, He is our Father, who loves us always.

  14. Keeva

    Thank you Martyn for leading the last two services – They have both been really good!
    Thanks too to you and Andrew for preaching,

  15. Sarah Smith

    Thank you Martin and everyone who took part in today’s service. Thank you Andrew for your thought provoking message and Kath for your prayers. Thank you Ben for your interviews – it was lovely to hear from Joy today.

  16. Sarah Smith

    Just want to say thank you for last week’s service. It was good to hear Rebecca in the interview and to see the BMS Action Team. And I did like the way you did the prayers Margo and Alan.

  17. Dorothy Vaughan

    Thank you to all who participated in bringing this morning’s service to us, both those on screen and those not seen. We were truly blessed! Frank and Dorothy

  18. Margo and Alan

    Thank you Martyn for a lovely service, great to see the Action Team. Everyone did really well. Thank you all..

  19. Carolyn Thomas

    Thanks Kevin for an inspiring series on the Fruit of the Spirit. Really inspiring. It would be great if it was going on for longer! Every week nuggets of wisdom! Thanks for all the hard work in preparation.

  20. Maureen and Arthur

    Thank you to everyone who helped with the service today. Thank you Molly for reminding us that God is holding us in His hands. Thank you musicians you work so hard to enhance our services with songs. Thank you for the visuals attached to “Take my life”.
    Mitch and Mimi, thank you for sharing and may you be blessed in your big move.

  21. Karen Busby

    Thanks again to everyone who contributed to the service today. Sending prayers to Mitch and Mimi as you prepare for your big move.

  22. Margo and Alan

    Thank you Kevin for opening up over the weeks the Fruit of the Spirit and for the final service in the series. Thank you Molly for reminding us that we have a great big God. To all who were involved in the presentation our thanks for your hard work. God bless you all.

  23. Kerry

    Thank you Kevin, Elaine, Ben & Harry, Chris (a really helpful sermon, and always a pleasure to hear from you!), the musicians and everyone who worked on this behind the scenes. Well done Eva and Becky for your fantastic dove – we’ll be making those!

  24. Philip Haines

    When I was a child we came to this church in the late 60’s, early 70’s so it was a pleasure to join with you today as a “guest’. Maybe I’ll be able to visit when on-site services resume again.

    • Kevin Johnson

      Hi Philip

      Thanks for joining us and making contact. We’d love to meet you and hear about your memories of CHBC. Do you still live nearby or are you watching from afar?

      Blessings, Kevin

      • Philip Haines

        Hi Kevin
        I’m now living in Leamington so still local. I’ll try and come over when services resume and introduce myself, especially as not currently attached to a local church

        • Kevin Johnson

          You’d be very welcome Philip. Keep an eye on our site for more news or our Facebook page. We’re defiantly not opening until after September as we’re redecorating the main church building over the summer.

    • Margaret

      Hello there Philip,
      I feel I remember your family living in Paradise Street or nearby, am I correct?
      Our 3 children were possibly in the same age group, but I don’t want to offend!!
      We Mums were in a Bible study group for a time I believe. (our children were born in the 60s, may give us a clue.) Great to hear a bit more of you Philip.
      Margaret Parkins

      • Philip Haines

        Margaret – you are correct. We lived at 44 Paradise St. We were there from 68 until 74 (or might have been 73). I’m sure my mum would remember you but I’m afraid I don’t! We’re your kids at Coton End (from memory it resembled an army barracks camp at the time)

        • Margaret

          Hi Philip,
          My old memory isn’t so bad after all.
          Mrs Humphreys, Mrs Hill, Mr Howarth and I ran Explorers, were you one of the Explores? Our children possibly? your age are Fiona, Catherine and Matthew

    • Margo and Alan

      Hi Philip. Kevin our Pastor asked if anyone remembered your name from the 60’s or 70’s. Margo and I were at the church from 1970 and remember your parents being at the church. Our children were born in the 60’s so might be about your age
      Paul and Helen. The minister at the time would be Rev Constance Nash and David Hewitt would have been the Sunday School Superintendent. Lovely to have your contact through the on line service and lets hope we can meet up in the future and perhaps go through some pictures of the time you joined us at church. Do you remember any of the names Margaret mentioned.

  25. Carolyn Thomas

    Thanks for another wonderful service everyone. As always brilliant music, absolutely inspiring, all you singers and musicians do a fantastic job every week and Barry the technical genius who melds it all together! ! Lovely dove Becky and Eva! Well done Ben with the challenge of interviewing your brother! Thanks Chris for the inspiring talk and great to see your smiling face again. Anyone else…..? Oh yes! Kevin! Million thanks for all your hard and devoted work for us all. God bless you all. Carolyn and Philip Xxx

  26. Kerry

    Thank you to everyone involved in the past couple of weeks’ services, and in particular well done to Gav & Zak and to Barnaby.

  27. Kerry

    Thank you Kevin, Ben, Bianca, Dave, Becky and to all of the musicians and those who worked on this behind the scenes. A massive well done to Florrie and her lovely assistant Steph – we loved your seed planting video 🙂

  28. Ania Matthews

    What a wonderful service today! Becki’s God led prayer; such cute seed planting by Steph and Florrie; lively and honest interview with Bianca and David (with a glass of wine:); Christianity Explored advertised; great song choice with beautiful violin and piano; Kevin’s both encouraging and challenging talk. Thank you!

  29. Maureen and Arthur

    Thank you to Kevin and everyone who took part in today’s service. We are learning so much from the different people who are taking part, who would not normally be ‘out the front’.
    So many different insights, helping us to know each other better.
    Thank you Steph and Florence for a simple but special way of showing kindness.
    Delightful to see Florence so confident and enthusiastic.

  30. Keeva

    Kevin – thank you. A really lovely and useful service once again and the prayers said by Becky were really inspiring, Keeva

  31. Sarah Smith

    Barry, what a beautiful collage of music. Well done Molly and Gabriela and Michaela for fantastic presentations. Thank you to everyone for this week’s service, it was very meaningful.

  32. Margaret

    A HUGE THANKYOU to the team today, Pentecost was made really special.
    Musicians, so well done, much appreciated.
    Tell Molly I now realise why my toaster didn’t work this morning!

  33. Maureen & Arthur

    Thank you to Kevin and Molly for leading a fantastic service this morning. A really imaginative presentation. Holy Spirit inspired surely!
    So many people were involved, which was great, hearing voices even if we couldn’t see their faces. The music was lovely and actually sounded as if you were all in the same space today! Thank you for blessing us each week.
    Thank you for your scripture based , thoughtful prayers, Mimi.
    Well done Gabriella and Michaela for the rushing wind twirls. Very effective.
    Karen, we will be praying for you as your situation at work is often changing.

  34. Trevor and Lindsey

    Thank you for this mornings service. We really felt blessed by it. Molly hosted it very well with a little help from Kevin. All the elements came together and the music was very special this week.

  35. Margo and Alan

    Thank you for the service today. Great to see so many friends in the collage and our thanks for the mention of the long membersip for all five of us. Really opening up the Fruit of the Spirit for us Kevin, thank you, We will be bavk for more next week!!!

  36. Kerry

    Thank you Kevin, Keeva, Sumith, Ben, all the singers and musicians and everyone involved behind the scenes in today’s service. Well done Eva Rose for your fantastic collage. Congratulations to Margaret & Brian, Margo & Alan and Martin!

  37. Maureen and Arthur

    Thank you to all who contributed to the lovely service this morning. The songs were beautiful. Thank you to all the musicians.Your work each week is very much appreciated.
    I do miss the sung worship we used to have at the beginning of the service in church, so your contributions are balm to the soul!
    Thank you for your inspiring message Kevin, especially the way you identify with the subject yourself and don’t preach at us.
    Bless all those who took part, working away at home ,embracing new technology, to bring us together in worship today. Fantastic poster, Eva Rose!

  38. Sarah Smith

    And thank you Kevin for leading these services, drawing it all together and for your sermons which guide us into the truth of God’s word.

    • Kevin Johnson

      Ah, do thank Carolyn. She spotted we still had Easter up so came up with a new banner 🙂

  39. Sarah Smith

    Thankyou everyone who helped in this service. Well done Belle and Lauren. Thanks to Trevor and Lindsey for your prayers and pictures. Also loved the birdsong in your piece.

  40. Kerry

    Well done to Lauren and Belle – we loved your craft activity. Lovely to hear from the Nolt family. Thank you to Kevin, Ben, Gary, Lindsey, Trevor, all of the musicians and everyone else involved.

  41. Margo Skillicorn

    A bit late but have now watched the service twice! Again many thanks for all the hard work that goes into making each service such a helpful and uplifting time. Thank you Kevin and each one of you for your contributions, keep up the good work!
    Margo and Alan

  42. Maureen and Arthur

    Another inspiring service, Kevin. Thank you for your encouraging word, reminding us that we can have joy even in this current situation, giving us reasons why we should rejoice.
    An inspired choice of craft Olteanu family, for this special weekend. Well done,Ana, Diana and Vlad! (and George for making it happen) Loved the cameo appearance from Tudor!
    Thank you to all involved in putting the service together.
    Thank you to Martin for sharing and encouraging us to ‘Count our blessings’.
    Thank you Peter for your thoughtful prayers.

    Maureen and Arthur

  43. Margaret

    So, we seem to be drawing on help from far and near.
    Thank you Barrie, we do enjoy the results of your expertise.
    Great to hear “our” Musicians.
    Another good service, so pleased we are able to link together like this.

  44. Carolyn Thomas

    Thanks Kevin, musicians and all the team for another great service. So good to be altogether on these Sunday mornings. Well done Lara and Edward for your brilliant praying hands! See you next week, God bless. Love from Carolyn and Philip x

    • Karen Busby

      We need to thank Barrie, Kevin’s dad who is doing loads of work to join the different recordings we make into a track that sounds as though we could have been in the same room!

  45. Kerry

    Another fantastic service and a really helpful sermon. Thank you to everyone involved and a particular well done to Ben and Norean.

  46. Sarah Smith

    Kevin, I started taking notes in your sermon – always a good sign. Also I love the music on all the craft videos, especially the jazz. And Norean I loved your making a bible idea – that’s great!

  47. Joy Johnson

    Lovely to see and hear from Clare, John and Norean today, to hear wonderful testimonies of what God is doing and to sing along with songs played by our musicians. Thank you everyone!

  48. Margaret

    Well done musicians again. Even had a trumpet sliding in today!
    I was able to be in a shady place in the garden to listen this morning,
    and with a hot chocolate too!
    Thankyou Kevin and technicians for making this possible.
    My sister in USA will tune in later, she is 5 hours behind us.

  49. Karen Busby

    Thanks again to everyone for today’s service
    Norean’s lock down hairstyle is even prettier than usual!

  50. Joy Johnson

    Wonderful to share in worship together again today – great to see so many faces and hear so many voices! Lovely to have Chris involved and the children were very excited to see Edward – thank you to everyone who took part.

  51. Pauline Winch

    I woke up late this morning and missed the local radio service which I have been listening to recently. Then had a msg from a relative to say that our little Lottie would be taking part in your service this morning. Those 6 minutes were the most blessed and inspirational moments. Thank you for a lovely and comforting reassuring service…and thank you Lottie for using your creative talents to inspire others. Keep well. Stay safe and remain blessed.

    • Kevin Johnson

      Thank you for joining us Pauline. It seems the Lord didn’t want you to miss worship one way or another! Lottie was great!!

  52. Kathleen Clifford

    Another uplifting service. I have enjoyed ‘attending’ all the services. Thank you to everyone working to make this happen and to all the contributors

  53. Margo and Alan

    Another lovely service, our thanks to Chris for his words – and to Edward and Lottie for their contributions – thank you Kath for your meaningful prayers of intercession – to Kevin thanks for your continuing service in bringingthe gathering together.

  54. Lorraine Gallacher

    Hi Kevin,
    Lovely to reconnect with you after all these years……..your all grown up! Last time our paths crossed you were just a boy!
    We’ve been watching online and really loving the services, gives a real sense of the whole community and we get a real feel for the close church family you are.
    Anyway just wanted to send you and your family our Love and Blessings
    Lorraine and John (Gallacher)

    • Kevin Johnson

      Hi Lorraine and John,

      So lovely to hear from you. Mum had said you’d been tuning in! Thanks for writing to let us now that they’re blessing you both. Hope you and the family are well? Do remember me to Lorna and Fraser. Blessings, Kevin

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