This page offers the latest updates on how CHBC is responding to the coronavirus situation. The leadership team are meeting every two weeks to keep on top of the latest advice and consider its implications for our community. Updates will follow, when appropriate.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact:
Chris Williams or Alan Skillicorn
(Full contact details in letter below dated 14 March 2020)

Latest Update — 25th June 2020


17th March 2020

Following guidance announced and published on Monday, the following meetings are now suspended until further notice:

  • Thursday morning prayer meetings
  • Friday’s 3:16 Youth Club

The following general event has also been suspended:

  • Thrive Juniors (Sat 28th Mar)

As updates continue to come out daily, the diaconate have delayed making other decisions until we meet this Thursday evening to discuss the latest recommendations. We will publish any further announcements on Friday. In addition, guidance is being complied on how we respond pastorally, but safely, to this developing situation.

The leadership continue to listen carefully and prayerfully to the recommendations coming from our government, the NHS and the Baptist Union. As we listen to this and one another we seek to discern the best decisions we can for our community. We appreciate your continued support and prayers.

Kevin, on behalf of the diaconate.

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